Tales Of South East Asia
The occasional memoirs of "The Beak,"
a.k.a. Capt. Richard A. Stratton, USN [ret.]
Celebrating of Freedom since
March 4, 1973

Old Glory

A Bad Day
(Originally appeared in The Hook, Winter 1990)

The Mad Bomber of Hanoi
(Originally appeared in Foundation, Fall 1991)

Who Won the Army/Navy Game?
(April 1997)

Life Insurance
(August 1997)

A Medal of Honor Rises...
(March 1998)

(September 1998)

The Boat School Boys
(September 1999)

The Man Who Would Be King
(March 1999)

"The Incredibly Stupid One"
(March 2000)

The Dental Appointment
(April 2000)

Jeff MacNelly Remembered
[Requiescat in Pace]
(May 2000)

The Youngest Son Speaks Out
(July 2000)

Income Tax Day in Hanoi, NVN 1970
(May 2003)

Juicy Fruit Secrets
(May 2003)

We Knew We Were Going Home
(May 2003)

The Most Unfortunate of the Unfortunate
(May 2003)

The March Hare and Scrambled Eggs
(May 2003)

Alice Stratton, Ross Perot, Doug Hegdahl: Paris Peace Talks 1970
(July 2003)

Some Things Are Worth Dying For
(July 2003)

Patriotism, Persistence and Prayer
(August 2003)

Talk To Me
(September 2003)

The General and the Ex-Con
(February 2005)

An Ace in the Hole
(May 2005)

"The Bad Gise Got Him"
(July 2005)

The Last Mass
(October 2005)

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